Intelligent Slotting Solution


Fulfilld's one-of-a-kind, location-aware WMS takes data from warehouse workers, ERP software, and even third-party systems and inputs it into our industry-disrupting orchestration engine. The result is intuitive, elegant workflows with AI-prescribed task assignments that optimize warehouse worker efficiency, reduce training time, and distribute work between humans and non-humans.

Fulfilld's Slotting Solution can complement a WMS or be Stand-alone

  • Save your Warehouse Workers valuable time
    Reduce Wasted Travel Time by 40%
    Warehouse worker using scanner
  • Intelligently direct where to optimally place product
    Increase Picking / Putaway by 15%
    Warehouse manager supervising
  • Configure Slotting Settings based on what's most important
    Choose How to Prioritize Slotting
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Reduce Labor

Fulfilld’s Intelligent Slotting solution identifies via our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms where to optimally place your product in order to most efficiently minimize wasted warehouse worker labor.


Currently Deployed

Be the Master of your Universe (aka Warehouse)

Intelligent Slotting by Fulfilld can identify exactly where to place product in order to save time both on the putaway activity and subsequent picking. 

Unlike other slotting solutions, Fulfilld utilizes location-awareness, historical data, real-time movements, and future activity in order to most accurately place product.

Rule Sets Business Priorities

Control How to Slot based on What's Best for you

Fulfilld allows for you to easily configure rule sets based on how you actual operate within the warehouse.

Choose how to slot based on priorities such as Density, Pick and/or Putaway Efficiency, Putaway Density, Avoiding Congestion, etc.

Bottom-line: Fulfilld's Intelligent Slotting Solution (powered by AI) drives cost-savings and increases productivity.

Empowering warehouse workers, managers, and business leaders to redefine warehouse efficiency


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Flip-Switch Ready

Launch an intuitive, integrated AI-powered WMS in weeks, not years.

Most warehouse management technology deployments take months—sometimes even years—to get off the ground.

Fulfilld’s intelligent platform can be launched in a matter of weeks thanks to data validation tools that use guided wizards to convert your data, cloud-enabled integration with your existing ERP system, and Fulfilld’s commitment to design that can be self-supported by the business.

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Intelligent Software

From staffing issues to shipping delays, warehouse management is a moving target. 

Supply chain disruption, Industry 4.0, and consumer behaviors have a major impact on how today's warehouses are managed.

Fulfilld is the new incarnation of warehouse management technology, incorporating machine learning, integration with modern analytic tools, proactive system recommendations, and natural language processing to transform your warehouse operations.

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Technology and data drive today’s business. Your legacy WMS can’t keep up.

Legacy warehouse management software isn’t equipped to handle today’s business intelligence (BI), data, and performance demands.

Fulfilld's business-centric platform focuses on meeting business goals, such as optimizing warehouse operations, minimizing the impact of expensive resource turnover, lowering total cost of ownership, and  reducing the carrying cost of inventory. Fulfilld integrates with your favorite BI tool, so you always have actionable metrics to drive decision-making.

“Fulfilld provides Amazon-like innovation, efficiency-gain, and optimization opportunity to the greatly underserved Midmarket Enterprise customer.”
Jeff Wilke
CEO, Amazon Global Consumer and Re:Build Manufacturing Chairman
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“I love what Fulfilld is doing! Their approach to the existing stale warehouse management world is a true game-changer.”
Oren Zaslansky
CEO and Founder, Flock Freight
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“Fulfilld is amazing. In my 20 years of enterprise and warehousing software, I haven’t seen such innovation as what Fulfilld delivers.”
Tyson Hutson
Enterprise Systems Director, Lucid Motors


Fulfilld’s intelligent warehouse management platform blends the latest AI and smart technology with the best in business innovation.

But don't take our word for it. Find out why our clients and partners chose Fulfilld to optimize their warehouse management orchestration.