Warehouse worker checking tablet

Locate the root cause of inefficiencies

Get visibility into how your warehouse REALLY works

Fulfilld uses 5G ultra-wideband beacons, handheld devices, and tags to create heat map visualizations of warehouse activity. This at-a-glance insight into traffic patterns and process efficiency enables improvements, including reducing carrying costs by 10-20% and optimizing workflows to maximize labor efficiency.

Close up of barcode being scanned

Increase worker productivity

Find and fix productivity killers in real time

Fulfilld’s exception-based management cockpit compiles data from the warehouse floor and machine learning algorithms, then generates real-time graphical visualizations that pinpoint potential performance issues and highlight areas within the system that require immediate attention. 


Efficient, intuitive intelligent warehouse management

Warehouse drones transport packages

Integrate humans and robotics

Connect people and third-party systems

Fulfilld blends the human side of fulfillment with the power and scalability of automation and third-party drones and robotics to create a fluid warehouse ecosystem that adapts as needed to orchestrate and optimize operations.

Warehouse manager showing worker where to take package

Create a culture of excellence

Set up employees for success

High performance and positive feedback helps keep employee morale high, which in turn helps with retention and recruitment efforts. Fulfilld’s user-first interface and intuitive technology improves the speed, accuracy, and ease with which tasks can be executed, which builds a strong company culture of success and happy employees.

Worker using walkie talkie while newer employee is trained in background

Reduce training time; increase productivity

Synchronize Your Team’s Training and Optimization

Our user-first software approach makes it easy to train workers on the tools they’ll use to manage, track, and fulfill orders. With less time spent teaching teams how to locate and pick inventory efficiently, you can focus on managing workflow optimization and improving worker safety protocols.